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Howard Law Office

Robert C. Howard, Attorney at Law


215 Court St.
Janesville, Wi.

Howard Law Office

Robert C. Howard, Attorney at Law


215 Court St.
Jansville, Wi.

Divorce & Family Law

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Criminal Defense

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Drunk Driving

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Domestic Violence

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20 Years Of Experience


Welcome to Howard Law Office

Many people may find themselves in the awkward position of having to hire an attorney or a Lawyer for the first time in their lives, and when this happens there are many roads that you can go up to accomplish a way to make the final decision.

1.  Recommended:  unless your legal situation is of an extremely sensitive nature that you don’t want your neighbors or friends & family to know about…. check with them for a referral to one of the many great attorneys in your local community.  Most attorneys are very well educated and versed in the areas of practice they are working in. However, results are what really matter?  Checking with a neighbor or a friend will prove very beneficial in most cases.

Howard Law Office comes highly recommended in the Janesville/Beloit Wisconsin area as I have handled many satisfied clients that have great things to say about our services we encourage you to call our office today and ask about our testimonials from our many clients who were willing to share their opinions and thoughts about what we do.

2.  Research: The world wide web is a tremendous resource when searching for an attorney or a lawyer in your local area. You can learn the right questions to ask regarding credentials, experience and skill levels to help you select the best legal match for your immediate needs? At Howard  Law Office we love questions.

3.  Luck: There is also the roll of the dice and hope for the best approach, which we don’t recommend especially when your freedom or let’s say custody of your children may be concerned. Luck may not be the best course of action to take?

Robert Howard has over 20 years of experience in the following areas of law:

Divorce & Family legal matters such as Custody, Alimony, Parental rights and Child Support.

I also handle Criminal charges, such as weapons charges, drug possession charges, domestic violence all felonies and misdemeanor charges.  We represent traffic violation issues surrounding revocations of your driving privileges, with a focus on Drunk Driving, OWI and DUI.

Call Rob Howard today to speak with an experienced, passionate and dedicated attorney at 608-310-1414.

Areas of Practice

Divorce/Family Law

  • Child Support
  • Custody Issues
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Grand Parents rights
  • Parental Rights
  • Adoption

Criminal Defense

  • Robbery& Theft
  • Assault & Battery
  • Parole Violations / Revocations
  • Drug Charges
  • Domestic Violence
  • Weapons Charges

Traffic Law

  • Driver’s License Revocation
  • Speeding Violations
  • Drunk Driving (DUI)
  • Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)

“We are prepared to go the distance on every case, we believe that every client and potential client deserves representation from an attorney that has a passion for positive results!”

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